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Chime was established to provide a fresh approach to online banking that does not depend on charges, allows users to receive paycheck up to two days ahead via direct deposit, and automatically grows their savings. It offers a Visa Debit Card and a Spending Account that users can control entirely from a smartphone, including when opening a bank account through Chime, as well as an account that automatically grows savings.

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Visa, MasterCard Low and transparent fees with mid-market exchange rates International Money Transfers 97 Open Account
Visa Online banking with no monthly fees Spending Account 96 Open Account
Visa Hybrid banking with quality support Hybrid Banking 94 Open Account
Ready to open an account with Chime? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Chime Account Features

Chime features a mobile banking application that allows users to enjoy many banking features and services. The Chime app sends daily account balance updates and transaction alerts when you purchase. You can easily cancel all transactions from the application if there is an instance you misplaced your card. You can also use the application to deactivate using international transactions.

You may also add your Chime debit card to either Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallet. MoneyPass, Allpoint, and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs are also available to users. You can also use Chime to prevent paying fees at ATMs.

Likewise, you can deposit a check into your Chime Spending Account using the Chime app's mobile deposit feature. You can disable transactions within the Chime app if you lose the Chime debit card. The Chime app also allows you to get replacement debit cards for free.

Does Chime Offer Joint Accounts?

No. As of this writing, Chime doesn't offer a joint account or any account that can be shared with a spouse or dependent. They also don't provide secondary cards for their clients. As per their website:

"…we are actively working on this feature."

Types of Accounts

With Chime, individuals can make direct deposits, set up pre-authorized withdrawals, and do interbank transactions through the automated clearinghouse network.

How to Open a Chime Account?

These are three easy steps in opening a Chime account:

  1. Register for Chime Spending Account. In this step, you need to provide your complete name, social security number (SSN), email, and password. It assists financial institutions in confirming your identification, hence reducing money laundering and fraud. You are in when Chime verifies and validates your information.

    Note: All members must be citizens of the United States and at least 18 years of age.

  2. Download the App from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Chime allows you to open a Spending Account in addition to a Savings Account. You can use your Chime Spending Account to make a deposit, maintain control of your transactions and view your account balance. Additionally, your Chime Spending Account comes with a complimentary Visa debit card.

  3. Establish a direct deposit account with Chime. Direct deposit is simple to set up. Provide your employer with your Chime routing and account numbers on the natural deposit form.

    This information is available in the app's Settings area and the Move Money section. If you're changing banks and starting over with Chime, you can transfer funds from your previous checking account to your new Chime Spending Account.
Ready to open an account with Chime? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How Do I Find My Chime Account Number?

If you're looking for your Chime account information including your account number and routing details, you can find this via the Move Money section in the app. Alternatively, you can also go to the Settings section to find these specific details.

Checking the Account Balance

You can track your account balances via the Chime mobile app. You can even get balance notifications and transaction alerts whenever you use your debit card by turning this feature on.

In case you're unable to view your balance online or via the app, you can call their customer service at 1-844-244-6363 to speak to an agent so they can access your account and provide you with the required information.

Chime Account Limits

A Chime account has a certain daily limit on the amount of money that can be withdrawn. For ATM withdrawals and cash back at point-of-sale (POS), you are allowed up to $500 per day with no limits to the frequencies of withdrawals. That means you can withdraw as many times as you want but the total accumulated amount that you can cash out should not reach above $500.

Card purchases with signature or PIN have a daily limit of $2,500 without any limit to the number of times it can be used.

My Chime Account is Suspended

If you're Chime account is locked, the possible reason is that you didn't follow the bank's terms and conditions. Chime may also keep your account frozen if they found out that you're using it for doing illegal activities. They may also suspend accounts that were primarily opened for the purpose of getting the bank's signup or referral bonus.

Keep in mind that similar to other financial institutions, Chime is also required to follow regulatory standards so they must adhere to these guidelines.

How to Delete a Chime Account?

Despite the advantages, you may decide to discontinue using Chime at some point, especially if you no longer require it. However, things can become a little complicated. There isn't much information on the Chime website to help you close your account. So, these are the steps you need to follow to delete your Chime account:

The first thing you should do is disconnect your accounts from Chime. Although you may not be in the mood to go the extra mile, it is required to prevent any additional fees that may be incurred as a result of the money transfer.

Different cards, as well as other banks, may be linked to Chime. Because the additional fees might be somewhat inconvenient, it is critical to complete this step as quickly as possible so that you can shut your account correctly. If you want to make things even simpler, you can transfer the funds to other accounts.

The advantage of canceling your account is that you won't have to pay any fees. However, there is something to which you should pay attention. If you have a negative balance but wish to close your account, you must take care of it.

Remember: It's critical to settle the dispute first. You'll be able to start planning your account closure once you've completed it.

If you don't clear all of your overdraft balances first, you won't be able to delete your account. If you're being investigated for something else, you won't be able to deactivate your account until a final decision is made.

Furthermore, if you are not the account owner or fail to affirm that you are the account holder, Chime will not delete your account.

Ready to open an account with Chime? The first step is to register in order to get started!