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Highly touted as the card for the person on the go wherever and whenever, Revolut Card is perfect for anyone who want to budget their money by using a card separate from their main bank account. Handy and available for withdrawing money in many countries, it works with over 140 currencies using real exchange rates with zero hidden fees.

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By connecting this card to your phone through the Revolut mobile app, you can easily tap and pay using your phone. It will also give you instant banking access through your fingertips and allow you to spend and withdraw from ATM machines all over the world and make money transfer straight from the app.

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How to Apply for a Revolut Card?

Once you signed up for a standard Revolut account, you become eligible to avail a Revolut Visa card that you can connect to your Revolut mobile app. You can use the card to buy items in more than 110 countries using real-time interbank exchange rates.

Ordering a Physical Revolut Card

To order a physical card just follow these steps on your Revolut app:

  1. Find the ‘Cards’ tab and select “Add new card” by swiping it to the right.
  2. Select if you want a physical card or virtual card.
  3. Choose the features of card you prefer to order.
  4. Key in your four-digit PIN twice for confirmation.
  5. Enter delivery address information before tapping “Continue”.

In most instances, your Revolut Card will be delivered inside 10 business days. While you wait, you can already link your card to your Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Using Revolut Card to Withdraw from an ATM

Although not all ATM machines in the world can cater to your Revolut Card, you can easily find the nearest available ATMs by using the Revolut App. Just go to "Hub" and select "ATMs", and you will be directed to a map with a list of ATMs near you.

Thanks to a partnership with Allpoint, Revolut Card users now have access to more than 55,000 ATM machines with zero surcharge fees. Make sure to tap "surcharge-free" when locating ATMs from your mobile app.

What Currencies Can I Withdraw Using My Revolut Card?

Your Revolut Card is currently supported by over 140 currencies and in countries and regions where Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

Ready to open an account with Revolut? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Revolut Card Fees

For ATM use, card users can enjoy free withdrawals up to €200/£200/$230 a month. A fee of 2% will be charged after that.

Money transfer is fee from your Revolut account to any domestic and international bank using normal wire transfer. However, the use of SWIFT is chargeable.

Revolut Card users can exchange currencies for free up to €1,000/£1,000 per month before being charged 0.5% above this amount.

Security Features of the Revolut Card

Revolut has set up multiple layers of security to make sure your account is safe whenever you use your Revolut Card. Below are some of the fine security features:

What are the Forex Features of the Card?

"Transfer money without borders" is how Revolut describes its card's forex features. Users can track and exchange to more than 30 currencies in real-time with no hidden fees. By connecting your card to your Revolut mobile app, you can effortlessly make fiat currencies exchange just by a few presses of a button.

My Card Was Stolen or Swallowed by the ATM

In certain instances that you happen to have your card stolen or lost to the ATM machine, you can easily terminate your card by a few clicks on your mobile app:

  1. Click the "Cards" tab on your Revolut app or Revolut website.
  2. Select "Settings".
  3. Click "Terminate card".
  4. You can now order a replacement card.

When you think your card has been compromised, you can also choose to freeze it from your mobile app:

  1. Find the "Cards" tab on the app or at the Revolut website.
  2. Find you card and choose "Freeze card".

If you strongly suspect your card was used fraudulently, you can fill out the Revolut online chargeback form.

Types of Revolut Cards

The card most Revolut account holders use is the Revolut Standard Card. This is the most basic and a free account but comes with a €200 limit on fee-free ATM withdrawals. You can upgrade your Standard Card to any of these other classifications of Revolut Card:

Ready to open an account with Revolut? The first step is to register in order to get started!