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What is Venmo?


Developed in 2009, Venmo has provided its users with a quick and secure payment platform between two parties. Through Venmo, you can pay for someone while also communicating with them through a payment note. You can link your bank account, credit card, debit card, or use your Venmo balance to send money. And when you use it to receive money, it will directly add to your Venmo balance.

Venmo logo
Venmo logo

Paypal acquired it in 2013 worth $800 million. Today, it is one of the biggest payment platforms and serves over 60 million users.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!


  • Quick and easy payments
  • Sending money via bank account or debit card is free of charge
  • Small credit fee payments
  • The app can be used as the payment option
  • Social media element that allows you to communicate with your friends


  • Payments are publicly open and can be a worry for privacy concerns
  • No cancellation of payments
  • Limited to US transactions only

Top 3 Digital Banks

Did you know that digital banking offers many benefits and this includes the convenience of being able to transact from anywhere? If you're interested in opening an account with a digital bank, then here are the top 3 names in the industry to consider:

Operator Card Reliability Best in Score
Visa, MasterCard Low and transparent fees with mid-market exchange rates International Money Transfers 97 Open Account
Visa Online banking with no monthly fees Spending Account 96 Open Account
Visa Hybrid banking with quality support Hybrid Banking 94 Open Account

What Are the Account Types?


You can open your personal or business Venmo account in such easy steps:

Personal Account

Venmo’s Personal Account allows you to pay and receive money from friends and businesses with some social media features. Here are the steps if you want to create an account via the app:

  1. Download their mobile application for iOS and android users.
  2. Open the application.
  3. Choose what sign-up option you prefer and input your password.
  4. Complete the verification process of your phone number and email address.
  5. Add your bank account, credit card, or debit card, and then verify it.

Another option is that you can set up your account via their website Just click the "Get Venmo" button and follow steps 3 to f5 from above.

Business Account

With a business account, you can receive and organize payments.

If you already have a Venmo account and are qualified for a business account, you’ll see an option “Create a business profile”. Then, follow the instructions, and you’re done. If in case you don’t have an account yet, follow the instructions above for a personal account, then proceed with creating your business profile.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How to Use the Venmo App?


Venmo provides you with a unique experience with its simple user interface. Upon logging in to your Venmo account, you will see four icons above, excluding your profile photo.

The first icon is the “globe,” which serves as a public news feed that allows you to see strangers’ transaction details such as who paid to whom, payment purpose, and many more, excluding the transaction amount. It is like social media combined with a payment system.

The following section will be the “Friends” section. It will show all your friends that are synced either from your social media accounts or directly synced from your phone. This will be your master list of individuals to whom you can send money. This section will also allow you to see their transactions just like from the public news feed section, given that the transaction has all public privacy settings.

There is also the “Transaction” section, which allows you to see your transaction history arranged by date. The user interfaces in the app and the website version are not complicated hence can provide a positive user experience.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How to Sign-in?


The process of logging in to your Venmo account requires either your mobile number, email address, or username, whichever you used from the three mentioned credentials during the signing up process.

After successfully inputting your email, username, or mobile number, you will have to input your password. Venmo password requirements are less strict compared to other providers. So you can use any password that will be easy for you to remember.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!

What Are Venmo's Features?

Digital Wallet Features

Venmo is a user-friendly app that will allow you to quickly transfer funds to your friends.

Before starting your transaction using Venmo, you must first link your bank account, credit card, or if you have your Amex account, you can also use it. The application offers tools to track your transaction history and provide you with a master list of your friends.

Venmo allows you to pay or request funds from your friends through methods such as code scanners, including QR and Bar codes, enabling you to process transactions quickly.

Another new feature is that Venmo now allows you to buy cryptocurrencies, so this will be a good step if you are planning to start your cryptocurrency journey.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!

What Are Venmo's Fees?


There is no fee when opening an account with Venmo. There is no charge for online orders. The funds are usually available within 1-3 working days. However, when you send money through Venmo, you'll be charged an average 3 % fee. But the firm will forgo that price if you finance the transaction using a bank account, or Venmo balance.

When clients send money using a credit card, the 3% fee is not eliminated. There is a 1.5% fee (minimum cost of $0.25, a maximum fee of $15) if you use the Instant Send option to transfer money from your Venmo account to your eligible connected debit card or bank account. The funds are usually ready within minutes.

When buying or selling bitcoins, there is a fee. A minimum fee is charged and fees above the minimum are calculated as a percentage of the purchase or sale price.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How to Contact Venmo?

Customer Support

Venmo offers you four different means to reach their customer support. Customers can reach Venmo via email, mobile app, web, or phone. If you are looking for a quick response from Venmo, we suggest contacting them via a phone call.

On the other hand, email is one of the most comfortable forms of communication when trying to contact their customer support. The drawback is you might not get any response soon. Inquiring in their mobile app only answers frequently asked questions.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!

The Bottom Line


Venmo is a brilliant payment solution for consumers making personal payments to people they know and trust. With its social interface, making payments with Venmo and witnessing transactions among your friends creates the impression of a welcoming and friendly user experience.

Venmo is a payment processing software that is best suited for small businesses. The only drawback you should watch for is that it charges when sending money by credit card.

Ready to open an account with Venmo? The first step is to register in order to get started!