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An N26< bank account is a free, password-protected "online banking deposit account" that you can open from your smartphone or computer in a few minutes. Depositing cash or transferring money from another account is possible any time and as frequently as you prefer.

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In addition to withdrawing money at an ATM, transferring funds to other accounts, and using its accompanying MasterCard debit card, you can also spend money using this account. This is all made possible because of the unique IBAN (International Bank Account Number) assigned on your N26 bank account.

Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!

In a nutshell, your N26 account functions as your everyday bank account where you can deposit, withdraw, transfer and spend money like you do with a traditional bank, but better, easier and from anywhere.

How to Open an N26 Account?

Opening an account is very easy. Just ready your smartphone, identification cards and an internet connection and you're on your way to signing up an account. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the N26 App from either Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store.
  2. Create your account by entering your full name, home and email address. Confirm upon prompt.
  3. Select the account plan. You can either choose the free standard bank account or from one of the premium N26 bank account plans. Don't worry if you can't decide yet. You can start with the free plan and upgrade later.
  4. Verify your identity by participating in a quick video call with N26 customer service.
  5. Link your smartphone and login information with biometric authentication for additional security.
  6. Your account is created and you're now ready to top-up / save money on your account with a credit card, debit card, Giropay, TransferWise and CASH26.
Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Does an N26 Account Come with a MasterCard?

Yes. You can apply for a MasterCard after you complete your sign-up process and will have it delivered to your address not later than 15 business days. You can use your N26 debit card to withdraw money from any ATMs that accepts MasterCard and purchase from merchants worldwide that accepts MasterCard. Your N26 card will also have all the security feature of the usual MasterCard such as a CVV and a unique card number. Remember that it is not a credit card but a debit card. Every amount you spend using it will automatically debit the funds in your N26 account.

Types of N26 Account

Here are the different types of N26 accounts:

Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Requirements to Open

The usual requirement to validate identity is a Passport ID. For citizens from countries not included in the list given above but currently residing in the countries where N26 operates, you need to present a European residence permit.

Benefits of Having an N26 Account

Here are the benefits of having an N26 Account:

Closing Your N26 Account

In case you decide to close your N26 account, you can easily do so. You may contact N26 customer service via the N26 mobile application for help in closing your N26 account. Take note that the balance on your N26 account must be zero before you can proceed in closing it.

Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!