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The first step to opening, viewing and managing your finances in your N26 account starts with understanding the log in process. In this page, you will know the proper and secured way of logging in to your account as well as how to solve issues that may arise from the N26 login process.

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Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Requirements for N26 Login

You will need a registered email and a password (accomplished during the signing up of your account) in order to login to your N26 account. However, you can also choose to include biometrics identification using FaceID and fingerprint scanning as your method of logging in.

Where to Login on Your N26 Account?

You can login on the N26 smartphone app, the N26 website or the web app.

Resetting Your N26 Login

In instances that you forgot your password or would want to replace it, just click "Forgot" on the N26 app or "Forgot your Password" on the website app, during the login process. A link will be sent to your registered email address for you to click and enter a new password.

How to Login with Two-factor Authentication?

If you wish to login with Tw0-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will be required to confirm your N26 login attempt when logging in from the web app or from a non-paired device. If this is not possible, you can request an SMS confirmation to be sent to your registered number, to confirm your login attempt. In this way, you will be the only one to be able to log into your N26 account.

By the time you log into your paired device, Two-Factor Authentication has already begun. Therefore, you can login to your N26 account from any paired device.

Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How to Make Your N26 Login More Secured?

You can select to add another method of security to your N26 Login process by using the biometric identification feature. This includes the use of FaceID or fingerprint identification in verifying your identity as part of your login process to access your N26 account.

Creating a Password for Your N26 Login

Although there are no exact requirements for users' N26 passwords, it is advisable to follow the unwritten rule of password-creation, "hard to guess, easy to remember".

Come up with a password that is only known or significant to you. You can then add numbers or special characters to make it harder to guess.

Incorrect Password Entered During N26 Login

Your N26 account will be temporarily blocked after you incorrectly enter a wrong password six successive times. Don't worry because you can be allowed to login again after 30 minutes — just be sure that at this time, you've already remembered your password.

Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Unable to Login to Your N26 Account?

When this happens, you may have to update your smartphone's operating system and your N26 app to both their most recent versions. If you still can't login, the only other cause for this is incorrect password. Try resetting your password but make sure you have access to the email you used when creating your N26 account.

What Makes the N26 Login Safe from Fraud?

To safeguard your account, N26 has implemented a three-level security architecture that starts during the login process. These are:

Who to Contact in Case of a N26 Login Issue?

You can contact N26's 24/7 Customer Service if you encounter other problems while logging in. The N26 support team offers live persons on call, email support and live chat available in English, Italian, Spanish, German and French languages.

Is It Safer to Login Using a Password or Biometric Identification?

There are several studies that suggest biometric identification using face and fingerprint recognition as a safer mode of logging in to a device, than the use of traditional passwords. This is because online fraudsters and hackers can use a computer program to come up with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to guess your password, but only you will have your face and fingerprints. Besides, reconstructing a fingerprint or copying your face digitally may be outside the bounds of a hacker's ability.

Logging in Using Public Wi-Fi Access

If you can avoid logging in to your online bank account using public Wi-Fi, then do so. Just wait until you get home and have access to your trusted internet connection before you login to your bank account. This is because one cannot be sure who has access to a particular public Wi-Fi.

Ready to open an account with N26? The first step is to register in order to get started!