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N26 Customer Service handles all issues regarding your N26 account. These include disputes with card payment, changing your data, financial transactions, card delivery and everything that may arise from the use of your N26 account. N26 has a dedicated Customer Support team on standby that can be reached by phone or via a live chat ready to assist and help you answer all your queries and resolve any issue.

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How to Get in Touch with N26 Customer Service

You can get in touch with N26 customer service by emailing this address [email protected] or via the live chat that you can access from the N26 mobile app or through the hotline 1-888-626-0626.

Other Ways to Contact N26 Customer Service

You can reach N26 customer support team based on the language of your preference. You can contact these email support channels and submit a complaint other than via a live chat:

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Meet Neon, N26 Customer Service's AI Chatbot

N26 has an in-house AI chatbot who goes by the name Neon. To speed up processing of handling of user concerns and complaints, Neon was developed to answer 30% of the most basic N26 customer inquiries. Neon is available 24/7 and can chat in five different languages. You can reach Neon through your N26 app or by logging into your account on the N26 online banking website.

How to Submit a Complaint?

If you need to contact someone from N26 Customer support team regarding your account or submit payment disputes and other concerns, simply head to "Support Center" on the N26 website app or log in to your N26 app on your smartphone and click on the "Support" icon located on the upper right corner then choose "Support chat".

Afterward, you will be put into a waiting list. This would only take a moment as the customer support team checks your N26 Mastercard.

Information Needed When Filing a Complaint

When submitting a complaint to the customer service, you need to include these information:

Remember: Customer service will only entertain complaints sent from an email address linked to your N26 account.

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How Long Does N26 Customer Service Handle Issues?

For simple concerns such as problems with logging in on your N26 app, lost passwords or account upgrade, the N26 Customer Service can handle these in a quick and timely manner.

However, for payment services like card transactions and fund transfers, these can be resolved within 15 business days, following European Payment Services Directive II (PSD2).

For more complex complaint, it is possible to exceed 15 business days, but you will be given a response or an update within 35 business days.

What Areas of Concern Does N26 Customer Support Cover?

N26 Customer Service can help you with issues regarding the following categories:

How to Talk to a Human N26 Customer Representative?

You can talk to a live customer representative by calling the N26 hotline or call 1-888-626-0626 or its emergency hotline +44 2035 107126. For US-based N26 customers, you can call this number: 1-888-N26-0-N26 (1-888-626-0626).

Requirement to Contact N26 Customer Service

You only need to login to your account to contact customer service because only emails registered with an existing N26 account will be entertained.

N26 Customer Service Availability

Daily operating hours of the customer support team is from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm (Central European Standard Time) daily including Sundays and all holidays.

If you need to contact customer support because you want to block a card that has been compromised, you can call the automated emergency number at +44 2035 107126.

For US residents, the support team is available from 9:00 am EST until 9:00 pm EST, from Monday through Sunday except public holidays.

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