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As a Starling Bank member, you'll be eligible to own a debit card that you can use for making payments on services and products or for cashing out money from your account. If you're interested to know more about this card, its features and maybe to get some useful tips then continue reading this article for more info.

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Starling Debit Card

Starling is a MasterCard Principal Member but it does not offer prepaid cards. Each card issued by Starling has its unique Bank Identification Number (BIN) and may be utilized in over 28 million retail transactions and hundreds of thousands of ATMs throughout the world.

Starling Virtual Card

Starling Bank offers customers a digital debit card for Apple pay, Android Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Google Pay. Existing Starling users may add cards to their digital wallets with a single tap directly from the Starling app. This also means that new Starling customers who use Google or Android devices can load their card into their digital wallet before receiving their real MasterCard Debit Card in the mail. Customers of Starling can proceed to use Google Pay wherever contactless transactions are approved and in apps that display the Buy with Google Pay button.

The Starling Bank Card Reader

Starling Bank has partnered with SumUp, Europe's cellular point of sale firm, to offer small merchants faster settlements.

SumUp, whose card terminals are used by over 1.5 million users worldwide, assists small business merchants by providing access to affordable and efficient payment devices. Their terminals can be used with an accompanying application or, more importantly, without an app, through their standalone 3G Reader solution, which includes an integrated free data card. Starling's Banking Services division gives fintech companies like SumUp access to key payment schemes and a full bank offering via a simple API.

Starling's Banking Services accomplishes this by providing SumUp merchants with the following benefits:

Using Starling Card Abroad

There are no "top-up" costs when you deposit money into your account from anywhere in the world. There are also no costs for using your card at an ATM in another country. It uses the MasterCard exchange rate, which is a fair mid-market rate is usually one of the best (and there are no additional costs).

Notifications of Immediate Spending

Starling will send a real-time alert system about how much you've spent in pounds and local currency, so you're continuously updated. It's also a method to stay up to current on the transactions you make on a daily basis. In addition, you'll be notified of any upcoming notifications on your card.

Card Fees

Unlike other travel cards, Starling will not cost you to send cash to your card, withdraw money from an ATM, or make purchases with your card. Banks and other credit card providers frequently use fees to help offset the cost of providing additional benefits and features on a credit card. The more features a credit card offers, the more likely you may be charged fees.

Starling is Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Starling has its foreign currency transfer service available on weekends, allowing clients to convert money via the Starling app 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The customer support team is available every day to address issues and concerns.

Misplacement of Card

If you forgot or lost the card, there is always a solution to seek help/assistance from customer service. You can lock it in-app and even have a new one mailed to you, no matter where you are.

Paying Your Bills

You can use Bills Manager to pay Direct Debits and Standing Orders from Saving Space.

  1. Set Up a Saving Space.
  2. Tap the Saving Space from which you want to pay your bills in the app's Spaces section.
  3. Click the "Manage Space", and then next, the "Pay from this Space."
  4. Select the Direct Debits or Standing Order you wish to pay using the Space. If you do not see the payment you are searching for, check if it is labeled as Direct Debits or Standing Order.
  5. To pay the cost of the bills, Starling will invite you to set up an automatic transfer from your primary balance to the Space. It is ideal to schedule the transfer of money for your next payment and add a little extra, just in case there are changes in the bill.
  6. Starling will automatically pay your bills on the scheduled date and deduct the money from the designated Saving Space.

Using the Card for Travel

Your Starling card can be used in a variety of countries, practically anywhere the Mastercard logo is displayed. The sole exceptions are a tiny number of sanctioned nations, where card use is prohibited.

Starling Card Sort Code

Starling is a branchless company, and all of its customers have the same sort code, 60-83-71. Use the sort code checker to locate and validate UK sort codes quickly. The sort code checker will inform you which bank owns the sort code. You'll also be able to determine whether the bank approves Faster Payments and Bacs. Input a sort code into the box below and click the 'check' button to use the sort code checker. Enter the sort code without any spaces or dashes, for example, 608371.

Starling doesn't show the sort code on the debit cards because all customers share the same sort code, generally accessible. Customers of Starling can easily find their sort code in the Starling application and digital banking platform.

Ready to open an account with Starling Bank? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Card Color

The new personal account card is teal and has a simple and cool color inspired by the blue-green tones of the starling bird's feathers. The business account card is dark blue with a pearlized surface for a seamless, premium look.

The name Starling Bank appears on the front of the card. The customer's name and banking information are all on the back. The discreet design feature improves security by making it more challenging to duplicate personal details.

Does Starling Bank Do Credit Cards?

A Starling credit card is a stand-alone instrument that gives you a 'credit limit,' or the maximum amount you can borrow. You can use it to make purchases and then repay it later; if you wait long enough, you'll be charged interest, although there may be ways to prevent this.

Starling Card Type

The name Starling Bank appears on the front of the card. The customer name and banking information is on the back while also providing security by making it more challenging to copy personal details.

The Starling Card has a one-time use PIN and a £200 spending limit. It can only be used in physical establishments and cannot be used online, over the phone, or for ATM transactions.

The Starling Bank Connected Card allows you to spend money on your account without having to exchange cash or bank account information.

How to Activate Starling Card?

After receiving a new debit card, the first step is to launch the Starling Bank mobile application on your smartphone. Select 'Card' from the drop-down menu and press 'Activate card.' Upon entering this information, the client will be required to provide their three-digit CVV number, located on the back of their new debit card.

Starling Card Machine

Starling uses fintech such as the SumUp to access essential payment methods and comprehensive bank service through a simple API. SumUp users enable Starling customers to integrate with secure and PSD2-compliant systems, have real-time access to payments, and have full-grade accounts with a set of distinct virtual accounts.

In terms of payment of service, there are no monthly costs associated with the SumUp product and services. You need to pay a 1.69 percent fixed percentage charge when accepting transactions, as well as a one-time cost of £19 for the Air card reader or £69 for the 3G reader.

Starling Bank MasterCard

Starling Bank offers a debit card payment feature in partnership with MasterCard, a global transaction and technology firm, and GPS, a card processor. This new collaboration allows Starling's contactless debit card to use its mobile-digital current account.

Starling cards are not pre-paid because Starling is a Principal Member of MasterCard. Every card issued by Starling has its own Bank Identification Number (BIN) and can be utilized in over 28 million retail payments worldwide, as well as hundreds of thousands of ATMs. The mobile application features services like what is incurred on the card with predictive insights, financial wellness, and cash management tools.

Because Starling has partnered with MasterCard for debit cards, the customers will be able to utilize it to supplement the full suite of banking features such as immediate access to Quicker Payments, direct debit, and overdrafts safely and efficiently.

Your Starling Card Number

Most Starling personal account users can find their bank account number on the back of their debit cards, and in the Starling bank app, neither old purple cards, which are now collector's items nor the very early teal cards have the account number.

Having a Starling bank account number means having a unique number associated with your bank account. If you have multiple bank accounts, personal, joint, and business (for example), each account will have a unique account number.

If you want to find your bank account number, you can usually find it on bank statements and in your digital application banking. The bank account number is generally printed on the front or back of your bank card. This is not to be confused with the card number, the 16-digit number found in the center of your bank card.

Starling Card Declined

When the Starling card is declined, check to see whether you have enough cash on your card, if you've entered the correct PIN, and if the card has been unlocked and is ready to be used. In addition, look at the card settings on the Card screen to see what you can do.

In your transaction list, you will be able to view why your transaction was declined. Other issues on contactless transactions are being declined because the limit set is higher than the amount you're attempting to spend.

Starling Vertical Card

Starling bank introduced a vertical debit card that contains the card number, customer name, and expiration date. It is offered for business accounts and regular current accounts. The vertical starling card is color teal inspired by blue-green tones of the plumage of a starling bird and chosen because of its "cool hue" The design enhances the security that makes it harder to copy the personal information.

How to Change Your Card PIN?

When you want to change your PIN, visit any MasterCard ATM in the United Kingdom and choose 'PIN Services.' Some ATMs in other countries may also provide this service, and to be on the safe side, it is suggested to use a UK-based machine.

Simply go over to the Card page in the app if you ever have to remind yourself of your PIN.

Card Interest Rates

On amounts up to £2,000, the account pays interest at a 0.5 percent annual percentage rate (AER). On balances ranging from £2,000 to £85,000, this rate drops to 0.25 percent.

Starling Card Overdraft

Starling Bank offers interest rates between 15%, 25%, and 35% EAR for organized overdrafts depending on the range of different elements, containing information from a credit reference agency and a representative rate of 15% APR* and a supposed limit of £1,200.

Starling Card Benefits

My Starling Card Is Not Working

If your starling card is not functioning well, check if you have enough money on your card, that you've input the correct PIN, and that the card is unlocked and prepared to use. Verify the card buttons on the Card screen as well. In your transaction feed, you may get to know why your transaction was denied.

Starling Card For Travel

Customers may travel with their Starling Bank debit card and use their money without incurring additional fees when on vacation or business in another country. Starling Bank converts its customers' money into the local currency by utilizing the MasterCard international exchange rate, and it does not charge any extra transaction fees for this service. Customers may also withdraw money from an ATM in another country without incurring extra costs. At the same time, certain overseas ATMs may impose additional fees that are not affiliated with Starling Bank.

As soon as the client completes a transaction when traveling overseas, the immediate spending notification will inform them of the amount they have spent in British pounds sterling (GBP) and the local currency, allowing them to keep track of their spending constantly.

Starling Card Exchange Rate

This table highlights the fees associated with foreign transactions, such as receiving and sending money abroad. Before conducting an overseas trade, it is critical to check the markup information to see any hidden fees.

Starling Bank International Transfers Fees
Transfer/currency conversion cost when sending money 0.4%
Delivery cost when sending payments Local network payments start at £0.30 while SWIFT bank-to-bank payments start at £5.50.
Receiving money 2% conversion fee (EUR payment)
Starling Card Exchange Rates

Starling bank does not add any markup to the exchange rate, reducing the cost of the customer's transfer and getting the fairest rate. Additionally, because the currency market is closed on weekends, Starling does not offer this exchange rate. On Saturday and Sunday, customers may send money overseas using Starling's special weekend exchange rate, a 0.5 percent markup.

Exchange Rate in Real Terms

Starling will use the exchange rate set by MasterCard and do not add anything on top. As a result, regardless of the currency, you'll get more value for your money. The trade-weighted index is used to calculate the equilibrium value of a country's currency, identify the underlying factors of a country's trade flow, and assess the impact of other factors such as competition and technological changes on a country.

How to Use the Contactless Starling Card?

Keep in mind that some shops may not have been ready to provide the new limit right once and may instead want to continue using the former maximum of £45.

How to Apply For a Starling Bank Card?

Consumers who have already created an account may order their own contactless MasterCard debit card from the app after their account has been set up. After the account has been formed, the card should arrive within 3-5 business days of the account being set up. A user may organize their card in either their Mobile Payment wallet or their Google Pay wallet before receiving the physical card if they wish to start spending right away after receiving it. Once the card has been accepted, it may be used to set up payment accounts on compatible devices.

Ready to open an account with Starling Bank? The first step is to register in order to get started!