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Revolut is the revolutionary banking app developed to replace traditional banks and provide young, tech-savvy, globe-trotting individuals a better way to manage their finances. Being able to pay bills, withdraw foreign currency anywhere, invest in NFTs and cryptocurrencies, logging in properly to your account is paramount.

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Having a safe way of accessing your account prevents unauthorized entry and ensures the safety of your funds. Learn more about Revolut's secure login process by reading our guide below:

Login Requirements

To access your Revolut account, you'll need your registered mobile number and your personal passcode. Whether you'll be using the mobile app or the web app, you'll need these two pieces of information to get into your account.

For their mobile app, you have an option to automatically login using face recognition or fingerprint depending on the device you are using. This makes login easier and more secure as it eliminates the usual problem of forgetting your passcode.

Ready to open an account with Revolut? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How to Get a Login?

Creating an account on Revolut is easy as one two three. Just follow these steps to start experiencing the new revolutionary way of doing your finances.

  1. Download the mobile app
    First step is to download the official Revolut mobile app. You can find it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device. You absolutely have to download the app and open an account using the app as your account is paired with your mobile number.

  2. Provide your mobile number
    Upon opening the mobile app, you'll be directed to open a new multi-currency account, which is their default account. Just provide your mobile number then wait for the confirmation code sent via SMS to confirm your mobile number.

  3. Enter your personal information
    To complete your registration, just enter the following information; full name, present address, date of birth and email address.

  4. Confirm your identity
    Being a secure financial platform, Revolut confirms the identity of all new users. They do this by asking for a selfie. This confirms the registration as legit and aims to eliminate fraudulent personalities from registering. Don't forget to give access to the camera as the app needs this to take your selfie.

  5. Tell them how you'll use the app
    As an added personalization to your account, Revolut will ask how you'll usually use the app for your finances. There are four categories; use the app for daily spending, use the app for travel expenses, use the app to send money abroad and use the app to expose yourself to financial assets. The choice you'll give here will help Revolut customize the app to better suit you.

  6. Setup your passcode
    To finalize your account, you must create your 4 digit passcode. This passcode will serve as your key to access your account once it is created. Keep your passcode private to ensure only you have access to your funds. Once your passcode is set, your account is officially open and ready to use.

How to Login?

There are three ways to login to your Revolut account; via the mobile app, via web browser on laptop or desktop and via mobile web browser. On all options, you'll need your registered mobile number and passcode to access your account.

Mobile App Login

The easiest way to login is via the mobile app. Simply open the mobile app on your device and provide your passcode. Since your mobile device is already paired with your account, there's no need to enter your mobile number anymore.

You can make it easier still by setting up either face recognition or fingerprint access depending on your the mobile app. When done, you simply have to open the mobile app, either show your face for facial recognition or place your finger for a fingerprint scan and gain access to your account.

Web App Login

Just recently, Revolut has expanded the way you can access your account and this is through the Revolut Web App. Whether you don't have your phone at that moment or just enjoy doing your finances on a bigger screen, the Web App enables you to gain access to your account on your laptop or desktop.

To login to your account using your laptop or desktop, simply open your favorite web browser then enter the web address Then provide your registered mobile number and passcode and voila! You can now do your finances on a bigger screen.

When you are using the Web App for the first time, you'll need to authorize the access. You'll only do this once and this gives added security to your account. There are two ways to authenticate access, first is via the mobile app. Simply follow the steps above then upon entering the passcode, you'll need to confirm on the mobile app that you are accessing your account via the Web App. Second way is by sending a security code via SMS or email. Just choose which one then enter the security code in the login page to gain access to your account.

Mobile Web Login

Just like on laptops and desktops, you can also access your Revolut account by using the web browser on your mobile device. Following the same process, just open your chosen mobile web browser then enter the address Enter your registered mobile number and passcode and you're in.

Revolut Business Login

Being the revolutionary banking app, Revolut is also available for businesses via the Revolut business account. The business account gives businesses access to financial solutions to help run their companies easier, more efficiently while reducing operating expenses.

To login to your Revolut business account, You first have to register to a business account. You can do this by choosing the type of account upon creation. You'll be asked to provide your business details such as company name, email address etc., then some documentary proof to confirm the identity of your business. Upon completion and approval, your business account is ready to use.

To access your business account, simply enter the registered email address and the passcode you set during registration.

Ready to open an account with Revolut? The first step is to register in order to get started!

Common Login Problems

Here are the most common issues that you might encounter when logging in to your Revolut account:

Forgot Passcode

It happens to the best of us. We sometimes forget our passwords, pass codes, pin codes to access our secured accounts like social media profiles or bank accounts.

In case you forgot your Revolut passcode, don’t fret as there is still a way to access your account.

First, click the “Forgot your passcode?” in the login page of the app. Upon clicking, follow the simple instruction to reset your passcode. You might be asked to provide a selfie and answer security questions to prove your identity and complete the verification process. Once you’ve reset your passcode, you’ll have access to your account.

If you experience any problems, you can contact Revolut support through the in-app chat. You can use this feature even if you are not logged in.

Lost or Stolen Phone

In the event that you lost your phone by either partying too hard and forgetting where you put it or someone straight up stole your phone, you can still access your Revolut account.

You can do this by logging in using a new device. Just enter your registered phone number, the one associated with your Revolut account. Follow the account access recovery flow so Revolut can associate your new device and link your new mobile number with your existing account. Remember, your Revolut account is always associated with one mobile number or else you won't be able access your account.

Upon completing the identity verification process, you’ll be able to gain access to your account using your new mobile device. If you experience having issues recovering access to your account, Revolut’s chat support is there to help you.

Remember, don’t create a duplicate account as it will have issues with your dual identity. Just update your new mobile device so it can be tagged to your existing account.

Unauthorized Login

It is rare for Revolut to experience unauthorized logins. Using one of the most secure encryption technologies in the industry, breaking into accounts from the outside is a difficult endeavor and most likely won't be attempted by malicious persons.

However, it is still possible to have your account compromised via phishing scams or plain human error that unauthorized login is still possible. When this happens you must contact Revolut support immediately to have your accounts frozen and establish a secure account once again.

Ready to open an account with Revolut? The first step is to register in order to get started!