The financial services and banking sector has a lot to offer and with the rapid development in digital and mobile technologies, we’ve seen this industry continuously evolve by providing us with products and solutions that can make our life easier in many ways.

But technology advances can also be daunting and it may become harder to keep up with such developments with new a lot of emerging brands and features that are making the finance markets more diverse but complex as well.

We understand that it can get bit overwhelming and we at Bankopedia are here to help.

Who are we?

Our team is made up of some of the most proficient clients in the banking and financial services industry. Experts who have rich practical experience in this field have carefully written each guide, review, comparison or article that you will see here.

And we don’t write them for the sake of just wanting to have content. Every post is based on actual practices and experience so you’re getting information from a real consumer with a genuine service or product involvement.

The goal

Here at Bankopedia, our goal is help you make financial decisions with more clarity and confidence by using the best information and resources that you can find in our website.

Perhaps you’re interested about digital banking but don’t know where to start? Or you’re probably looking for information about a specific payment service provider and wondering if it’s reliable? Maybe you’re considering two or more digital wallet brands and want to compare their features? 

We will try our best to answer these kinds of questions and a whole lot more.

What will you find here?

Digital banking, payment service providers, digital wallets, and fintech among others can be quite confusing especially if you’re not working in this industry.

We have put together this website with a particular focus on the most important areas that would be beneficial for various consumer segments and businesses as well who are interested to use a specific product or service.

So go ahead and give it a go. Start taking advantage of what Bankopedia has to offer!