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Helpful guide on how to contact the PayPal customer service department

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Occasionally, you might need to speak with a PayPal customer service representative if something goes wrong with your account, like if you get locked out on your account or have an unexplained hold on your funds.

PayPal Customer Service offers several ways for users to reach out and get help with their issues. Depending on your preferences, you can accomplish this in several ways.

What is PayPal Customer Service?

PayPal Customer Service is a 24/7 service that answers concerns about your account covering various issues ranging from password and account access, sending payments, receiving payments, withdrawing funds, making donations, account profile set up, PayPal credit, business solutions, billings and many more that involve the use of your account.

Ready to open an account with PayPal? The first step is to register in order to get started!

How to Get in Touch With PayPal Customer Service?

Got some questions regarding your PayPal account? simply head to PayPal's website and click on "Contact us" below the main page to go to the Help Center of PayPal. Here, you can easily type in your concern on the search box or choose from the list of common issues PayPal users usually encounters.

Other Ways to Contact PayPal Customer Service

There are many ways to contact PayPal customer service other than calling them directly. Head to PayPal's website and click on "Contact Us" below the page. You will be then taken to a page highlighting various topics of concern users might have any questions about.

If your area of concern isn't listed, you can scroll down to "Other ways to contact us" and choose from the various methods like "Message us", "Ask the Community" and "Resolution Center".

Alternatively, PayPal also have a Twitter account @AskPayPal where you can also direct your customer service concerns.

How to Talk to a Human PayPal Customer Representative?

You can talk to a human PayPal Customer Care Representative by dialing 1-888-221-1161 before pressing #. Enter 2 and say "Speak to a PayPal representative" if you're a resident of the United States.

For residents of other countries, check your local PayPal customer service number.

Requirement to Contact PayPal Customer Service

You just need to log-in to your PayPal account to contact PayPal’s customer service via online chat or email support.

Does PayPal Customer Service Handle Customer Dispute?

Yes. Since PayPal's goal is to make the whole buying and selling process easier, they also make sure that both seller and customer will have a platform to dispute certain issues.

Buyers can initiate a complaint to PayPal's Help Center in three ways. These are:

Why Customer Disputes Happen?

These are two main reasons why customer disputes happen:

  1. INR (Item Not Received): this case happens when the ordered items didn't reach the buyer.
  2. SNAD (Significantly Not As Described): This is like false advertising when the item received is drastically different from the one marketed on the merchant's site.

How to Know if a Customer Dispute is Filed Against a Seller?

PayPal's Customer Service Resolution Center will send the seller an email if a customer dispute is filed against them. To respond to a dispute, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to "Resolution Center".
  3. Click the "View" button under the "Action" tab next to your case.
  4. Type in your response to the buyer. This must include vital information such as package tracking number, before clicking "Post Message".

Does PayPal Customer Service Also Handle Attempted Identity Theft?

Yes. PayPal suggests that you forward any suspicious emails pretending to be from PayPal to [email protected] so they can investigate attempts of identity theft and phishing.

Ready to open an account with PayPal? The first step is to register in order to get started!